friendsgiving 2018

“It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.”

Ever since I was a kid I have always had a strong love for fall and the holidays, (not only because my birthday falls in October) but because once the leaves start changing colors and the air becomes crisp, everyone seems to become just a little bit happier. As October comes to and end and the sugar rush wears off the sudden craving for turkey and stuffing kicks in. Families and friends find themselves coming together to enjoy food and reflect on the past year.

Every year when Thanksgiving approaches I feel a split emotion between excitement and worry. Although I have a love for Fall I haven’t exactly always had the best luck when it came to Thanksgiving dinners. As a kid it was a tradition to always go to my aunts house where almost 50 members on my family would meet. But as people grew up and started their own families the tradition started to dwindle.  But believe me when I say I haven’t had the best of luck, it started about four thanksgivings ago when I got sick and was throwing up all night, the year after I was jumping on trampoline before dinner and I sprained my ankle, and the year after that we went to such a fancy restaurant (like the kind where you cant pronounce anything on the menu) and I didn't eat anything, the list goes on. So I decided this year that I had to take the planning into my own hands.

This year I had the amazing pleasure of teaming up with Gianna Luchese (who is an up and coming event planner) to create the ultimate friendsgiving. We met for the first time in the end of October where we decided on invites, a color scheme, decorations, table arrangements and more.

Our first step was to create the invites, Gianna personally water colored, chose the font and created the layout of each invite. After she created and printed all the invites we planned on putting them in a box with candy corn however what we didn't plan for was every store being sold out of them. So we quickly switched to Reese’s pieces (which I think personally worked better). As for the finishing detail we added a foam leave with what dish we would like the guest to bring and a dress code color swatch (which Gianna also water colored herself).


After putting together 20 boxes we hand delivered each one… our attempt to make this dinner as personal as possible.

Our second step (and my personal favorite) was how to decorate and create a Photo Booth area. For the place setting and dining area we decided on a darker color scheme for our table setting: black, maroon, olive green, with a little pop of gold and white. We wanted to make it classy yet we were still on a budget so Gianna was able to find chargers (the plates for under your eating plate) and candle holders on amazon and black plates and wine glasses at dollar tree. However we did decide to rent linen napkins, which we rolled up and tied with twine and a piece of eucalyptus to bring it all together.

As for the Photo Booth backdrop I found decorations at dollar tree and Michael’s Craft store and ordered the letter balloons from Party City


Last detail we put together was our pie bar. I was able to stack a few old pallets I had together and used left over decorations from the photo booth.


Gianna and I were beyond happy and grateful for everyone who came and how everything turned out. When we first got together to plan everything out one goal we had in common was to bring together girls from different friend groups. We wanted to create a space for people to put aside differences and drama and come together to share a meal and have fun. Thank you to everyone who came and we are so excited for our next event!